30 West Walnut St.
P.O. Box 98
Mt.Olivet, Ky.  41064
Kain & Kabler Funeral Home

We at Kain & Kabler Funeral Home have been continuously serving our  community for over
120 years.  We live in Mt. Olivet and remain an active part of our community.  Our family will
continue serving your family by providing quality funeral services.

Kain & Kabler Funeral Home is Robertson County's only full service funeral facility.  We are a
local family owned funeral service. Kain & Kabler has always provided full information about
arrangements to the hundreds of families we have served.

In this fast paced society we live in today we need to stop and remember the value of our loved
ones.  We should remember the special times and what they have meant to us in our lives.  The
funeral service enables families and friends to gather, support each other, and remember the
life of a loved one.  It is a time to pay tribute, reflect on  our memories, gain strength from
others, and begin to accept one of life's changes. The visitation and the funeral ceremony
provide a time to say goodbye and begin the healing process.

We at Kain & Kabler Funeral Home will continue to put the needs of our Robertson County
families first as we continue to serve you.

" Our Family Serving Your Family "
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
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